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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


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Dan Jacobson, State Director,, 916-446-8062

Emma Searson, 100% Renewable Campuses Campaign Director,, 828-545-7300

Mark Morgenstein, Director of Media Relations,, 678-427-1671


Los Angeles Community College District commits to 100 percent renewable energy

Nation’s largest community college system joins the clean energy movement


LOS ANGELES –– The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has committed to meeting all of its energy needs with 100 percent clean renewable energy by 2040. The Clean Energy and Sustainability Resolution, signed on Wednesday by the Board of Trustees, also includes a shorter term goal to transition to 100 percent renewable sources of electricity by 2030.

With this announcement, LACCD joins the University of California, Berkeley, in committing to 100 percent renewable energy for all uses, as well as the entire University of California system in committing to all-renewable electricity. 

LACCD’s resolution builds on California’s Senate Bill 100, which established a statewide goal of generating 100 percent renewable and zero-carbon electricity by 2045. 

In response, Environment California Research and Policy Center Director Dan Jacobson released the following statement:

“By taking this step toward 100 percent clean and renewable energy, LACCD is driving progress and showing us all that what just a few years ago was considered a pipe dream is possible. We know that we need to transition our whole economy to renewable energy to ensure a cleaner, healthier future. Leadership from colleges and universities can help pave the way. Congratulations and thank you to LACCD!”

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