Campaign Planning

Build Critical Mass

To win a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy, we need to show campus administrators broad based support on campus from faculty, staff, students, the community, experts and alumni. To build this broad coalition of supporters you can hold educational events on campus such as panels and teach-ins for the campus community to learn more about 100 percent renewable energy. Download our how-to plan an educational event one-pager and our sample invitation to speakers to get started.

As you educate the campus community, you will also need to demonstrate the breadth and depth of support on campus. Petitions and photo petitions are a great way to get a large number of students to take action in support of the campaign. Check out our sample petition and the Student PIRGs how-to on effective petitioning!

Similar to petitioning, you can organize faculty and staff to endorse the campaign by signing on to this sample letter to the administration.

In addition to petitions and faculty endorsements, there are several governing bodies on campus that can pass resolutions to demonstrate support by faculty and students on campus. The Student Government Association, Faculty Senate and Graduate Student Senate are powerful voices on campus that you can organize in support of 100 percent renewable energy. Download our sample resolutions and our sample vote chart.

For more information and tips on coalition organizing and email organizing, check out these how-tos by the Student PIRGs.